2012 – the future arrives as do resolutions too

Hey, if you had a truly excellent festive season and really got into the spirit of it and now find yourself engaged – well, congratulations!!

Sarah and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the new year. Last year seemed to last just a few weeks and this year is probably going to fly by just as fast.

Sarah said we’ve had the blog going for 5 years now. We’ve also worked together for 7 years. And I’ve been shooting for 19 years (I think…aah, the mists of time).

We’re not going to make any promises about blogging regularly but we’re going to try and do a lot more of it. We’ll show you some of the jobs we shoot but not all.

Actually, as a sideline, we choose not to post every shoot for a variety of reasons. Some of it is for the sake of client privacy. It is important to us that you know we value your privacy far above the need to blog or post your images on facebook. We love showing our work when we can.

We’re going to post more personal images but I have no intention of committing myself to a 365 project. I would imagine that by Wednesday I would have forgotten to do it.

Sarah and I are going to take more photo’s of our three little ones. They deserve that cause they’re so sweet…(sweet!? That sounds like the right word).

There’ll be more ice cream this year. I hear people laughing that I think it’s one of the important food groups. My answer to that is “One of…??”

And our unwritten goal is to continue on the path of taking the best images we can for you. We love your weddings, engagements, events and other projects and we consider it a great privilege to be involved with the things we do well – photography first, discovering light, editing and retouching, constructing books and albums, doing reprints, sourcing (and sometimes making) frames, acrylics and canvasses, shooting video and capturing audio, making movies, writing and directing. In all of this we discover more about the human condition. We learn more about the stories that count – yours.

We remain grateful for the work we do with you.

Thank you and may you have a wonderful year.

Picture-wise we begin 2012 with a look at the late summer that has just begun.


Swimming in summer
Swimming in summer
Swimming in summer
Swimming in summer
Swimming in summer

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