Weddings kick off weeks, months or years prior, when being together all the time trumps going out, when conversations never finish, the heart's desire grows ever stronger, and when like turns into love. And ever so quickly, especially in the last month, the day arrives and usually with great hope for a beautiful day for a Panorama House wedding...
We're about four weeks of dry weather in Sydney at the moment but the start of the year was anything but. In fact, I think Peter and Lizzy's wedding day was the wettest wedding I've ever had. But that doesn't stop the celebrations, the food and wine, good humour, speeches, dancing, or most importantly, the wedding vows.
Peter got ready at his family surrounded by a great many siblings, nephews, nieces and more besides.
Lots of people getting ready everywhere, meanwhile much the same was happening at Lizzy's family home.
There was a lovely ceremony at the Hurstville District Christadelphian Ecclesia. Peter and Lizzy's family and friends played the music. Sam Dando, was the celebrant, and has known Lizzy all her life. How wonderful to be married by a family friend!
The rain continued outside so the family photographs were done at the front of the hall.
Nearby Oatley Park was to be used more openly for the formal's but we were kept undercover, fortunately in a very nice sandstone building!
The reception was held at Panorama House in the large marquee, which normally has the fabulous view over Wollongong but on this day was made, from my point of view, even more special by the clouds that were rolling past us. A truly beautiful event to be able to photograph.
Congratulations Lizzy and Peter. What a great way to kick off your marriage...

Wedding in rain at Panorama House
Black and white of Groom with family
Groom doing up his cufflinks at home
Groom with his brothers
Bride and bridesmaids dresses
Bride bouquet
Bride getting veil put on
Bride with niece
Gorgeous bride portrait
Bride with her dad
Bride all ready
Bride leaving home in the rain
Excited to be getting married
About to walk down aisle
Flower girls walking down aisle
Father walking his daughter down the aisle
Wedding ceremony
Finally married
Greeting the grandparents at wedding
Panorama House wedding photos
Groom and groomsmen
Bride and bridesmaids
Smiling down at his bride
Bride and groom wedding photos
Gorgeous bride at Oatley
Bride and Groom on wedding day
Wedding photos at Oatley Park
Bride and groom on wedding day
Wedding photos in rain at Panorama House
Holding her close
Wedding photos in the clouds
Wedding and engagement rings
Bride and groom entering wedding reception at Panorama House
Condensation on panorama house window during wedding reception
Father of the bride speech
Listening to speeches
Sister giving her speech
Laughter during wedding reception
Speech by best man
Speech by Bride and Groom
Bride and groom give speech at Panorama House
He's a butcher, so here's a knife
Cutting the cake
First dance during wedding reception
First dance at Panorama House
Dancing bride and groom
Catching the bouquet
Leaving Panorama House
Nighttime wedding photos

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