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We don’t often talk about our commercial work but we might start making some exceptions.

Recently did a shoot at one of the states biggest independent printers.

What a place! I walked in. Jaw dropped. Massive multi-million dollar printers lined up beside each other in one huge space. A smaller room contained many sub-million dollar machines. And every machine was working, churning out page after page of recognisable material, books, magazines, advertising, posters and so on.

Our client, Ricoh Australia, required a shoot with Michael, the director of the company, who’s really on the ball of digital printing. So it was a fascinating excursion for me to learn quite a few new things that are going on in that industry. It also helped that Michael, who comes from Germany, has great clothes sense and is handsome. So no work required there…

The Ricoh machine is fantastic. Essentially it is being used to do on-demand printing of fiction/ non-fiction books. The customer orders a book – pick a title, any title – and prints it. How many do you want? One!? Yeah, we can print one book!

Now this room was very much a work place. Full of papers, printers, workers, trays, books, posters and everything else a work area is. We shot from a couple of careful angles to try and make the most of the blank space behind. Moved lights left, right, overhead. Shot fewer frames at a slower space to maximise quality rather than quantity. And remember to shoot for cropping for mag format.

Back here to edit for a few simple things. Big poster (for a major competitor – of course!) goes on the top right. Fix up wall blemishes. Clean up screens as much as possible (even though we wiped down the machine). Inserted missing ceiling tile etc. etc.

The magazine has selected their hero shot and cropped, added logo’s and that’s it. Great!

Inside cover story features a couple more shots from the shoot + I notice they’ve also got a shot of Ricoh GM of Production and Business Solutions, Kathy Wilson. I’d shot that a little while ago knowing that they used such images for PR etc. We used a couple of big soft-boxes in the Ricoh boardroom to try and shoot for a 3/4 look (a fairly a-typical TV lighting scenario these days).

All up a lovely surprise to see the mag in the mail today.

So if you’ve got the need to do a commercial shoot then check us out. We do lots of different work.

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