They did their wedding their way. Noah and Beth decided on an intimate event, a small and very friendly affair. It's the compromise solution between an elopement and a large wedding, and having done a few like this over the years it really is a fabulous way to involve a couple's VIP's without wondering why there are several hundred people, and not having time to talk to everyone one!
Noah and Beth planned a leisurely start to the day. They were nice and relaxed when we met up prior to the ceremony at the head of Jones Bay Wharf so that we could do some photographs - just the two of them together - giving them the balance of the afternoon and evening to celebrate with their family and friends.
We didn't go far. We didn't have to. The area presents more than enough excellent backdrops. It meant we could keep an eye on the arrival of guests as the ceremony start time drew closer.
Beth's father walked her to the Cafe Morso (an excellent location). It's halfway down the wharf and faces the setting sun.
It's certainly becoming more common to do something different with the bridal party, or to do away with it. Noah and Beth chose not to have a bridal party and instead it was the closeness of their guests.
After the ceremony there were family and friend photographs, and then as the sunset warmed, time to do a couple of shots using those gorgeous colours before the reception kicked off properly.
Speeches, music, a little dancing, great food and drink, and a lot of good feeling. That's a very nice way to do a wedding celebration.

Wedding photos at Pirrama Park
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Redheaded bride
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Wedding photos in full sun
Bride and Groom Jones Bay Wharf
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Sydney wedding photos
Waiting for his bride at Cafe Morso
Walking down aisle at Cafe Morso
Wedding ceremony Cafe Morso
Cafe Morso wedding ceremony for Noah and Beth
Bride and Mother Jones Bay Wharf
Taking selfies at Wedding at Cafe Morso
Wedding guests Cafe Morso
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Wedding photos at Cafe Morso
Engagement and wedding rings
Wedding reception at Cafe Morso
Cafe Morso Wedding reception
Guests dancing at wedding reception at Cafe Morso
Speeches at Cafe Morso
Groom speech at Cafe Morso
Wedding cake Cafe Morso
Cutting the cake at Cafe Morso
First dance at Cafe Morso wedding reception
Wedding reception at Cafe Morso
Wedding reception dancing at Cafe Morso
Wedding photos at Jones Bay Wharf

Beth's beautiful dress by Rosa Clara and Marry Me Bridal.
Flowers by Sydney Wedding Flowers.
Music by C'est Si Bon.
Beth's hair by Leearne from Upstyle Girl and her makeup by Susan Markovic.

If you've found the one, the love of your life, and you are now planning your wedding at Jones Bay Wharf or any other fantastic venue and want beautiful photography to remember this special day then it's time to talk to Sarah or myself. We take compelling, elegant and timeless stills. We capture the most valuable images in the world. Yours.

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