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Sydney Young Womens Portraits of Amy and Emma

Just took some Sydney Young Womens Portraits of two friends, Amy and Emma (in the first photo Amy is standing whilst Emma is seated) in Surry Hills. Amy just finished high school and is about to start Uni and Emma is almost finished her tertiary course – it’s really a great time to think about...

Beautiful Cataract Dam Wedding of Matt and Paula

Paula looks like the classical epitome of the beautiful bride – very refined, while Matt is the cream swallowing cat… It was a Cataract Dam Wedding, a location I’d never seen before. If you live overseas it’s just as you’d imagine Australia to be. It’s the bush, and water, and old buildings, and sandstone, and miles of Eucalyptus trees....

Circular Quay Engagement session with Dave and Keturah

I’m finding that one of the benefits to doing the engagement photography is the opportunity to explore the city that I thought I knew. It’s a changing place out there! David and Keturah went with a Circular Quay Engagement session. It also means that we can cover a quickly changing landscape in a few steps for a...

Woolloomooloo Engagement Photos of Matt and Paula

Another Monday, another beautiful evening in Sydney for Woolloomooloo Engagement Photos. Another lovely couple. He’s from New Zealand and she’s a Sydney girl. Before they make their home in Auckland they’re going to get married next week. It’s a flying visit really. Finish organising the wedding and fly out as soon as the I do’s are...

Observatory Hill Sydney Engagement Session with Phil and Bonnie

Monday afternoon for an Observatory Hill Sydney Engagement Session. Wind – brisk. Sky – cloudless. Popped into town (actually, popped is the operative word cause there was no one on the roads!) and did some engagement photo’s of Bonnie and Phil. Just less than three months to their wedding in the Southern Highlands which, of...

See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography