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Adam and Emily’s Coogee Engagement Session

Adam and Emily’s spare time is often used life-saving at Coogee. And that’s how they met. So at their suggestion it’s clearly most appropriate to shoot at their Coogee engagement session near the body of water they love so much. It was brilliant to spend the time with them in this place: the rolling, crashing,...

A wedding in the clouds at Panorama House

Weddings kick off weeks, months or years prior, when being together all the time trumps going out, when conversations never finish, the heart’s desire grows ever stronger, and when like turns into love. And ever so quickly, especially in the last month, the day arrives and usually with great hope for a beautiful day for...

Whale Beach Engagement Love

Shayne and Belinda had to begin their relationship with the challenge of distance. Shayne is Brisbane, Belinda is Sydney, and in doing that regular travel for weekends together they quickly realised that what they had was working well. We met up for some Whale Beach Engagement love, and enjoyed the almost solitude there, the warming...

See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography