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OC Yachts – OC50 on Lake Macquarie

Well this is nice isn’t it – being on a beautiful yacht on a great day at Lake Macquarie – going for a bit of a sail and a jaunt on a rib to shoot this “gentlemen’s” ultimate toy. It’s an OC50 fitted out with every conceivable bit of kit that you’d need to sail...

I caught a fish THIS big with Photoshop

Just placing a few photos here to show you what we can do with photoshop. We can cheat, lie, enhance, remove, eliminate, destroy and all round have a great time with it. In the context of what we do, we’re generally trying to satisfy a clients need. It could be to isolate something, to get...

The city lawyer

We’re in the middle of a video and stills shoot for a medium sized Australian law firm. They are updating their website with a complete overhaul. Should look really great. Having a great time doing the material collection for it. The senior partners have been doing pieces direct to camera and many of the other...

Quay to great food

Did a recent event at Quay Restaurant at Circular Quay. It’s a beautiful venue with fantastic view. It may well be Australia’s best restaurant. While shooting the event I looked up, and happened to notice Executive Chef, Peter Gilmore, striding back to the kitchens. Anyway, here’s a couple of shots showing the world’s most beautiful...

Australian Printer Magazine Cover

We don’t often talk about our commercial work but we might start making some exceptions. Recently did a shoot at one of the states biggest independent printers. What a place! I walked in. Jaw dropped. Massive multi-million dollar printers lined up beside each other in one huge space. A smaller room contained many sub-million dollar...



see the world through my lens

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See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography