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Category Archives: Sweethearts

Susan and Allen. A couples portrait session in Centennial Park

How good do Allen and Susan look together for their couples portrait session! Strangely enough most of our clients are actually quite pessimistic about having photo’s done before the camera clicks. Then, throughout the session, I’ll occasionally show a shot on the back of the camera. It’s that bit of reassurance that things are going...

Jonathon and Julia

“Where are you from?” “Australia”. “I love Vienna”. How many conversations do you have like that when you’re overseas? You’d think people could pick the Australian accent but they don’t. I was going to title this something about the Sound of Music but that was just going too far, even for me. Julia, you see,...

Chris and Jess

Another beautiful afternoon photographing more lovely (and handsome) people in Balmain. I really am enjoying taking the photos down there. So many different views in such a short space. Chris and Jess were quite delightful and clearly very happy in each others company which made the afternoon go very quickly except for the latter part...

Phil and Leesh

This is Sunday afternoon around Mrs Macquaries’ and the art gallery with Phil and Leesh (Alicia). Ohh it’s such hard work for the photographer isn’t it when I have to shoot such a beautiful couple! They were terrific together and we have a bunch of photos from this session that we haven’t included – so...

Botanical Gardens Pre-wedding Photos of James and Jen

Yet more fun in town with more lovely people. Had a great afternoon doing Botanical Gardens pre-wedding photos with James and Jen, wandering through the back of the Gardens and the “house” – seeing things we hadn’t known existed, like a great big fountain at the top of the gardens that we never knew existed,...



see the world through my lens

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See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography