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Category Archives: Engagement

Sharing a kiss

Just wanted to post a quick shot from sunday’s session that I really enjoyed. There’s something special about a Sydney Harbour sunset. Getting married? Contact Sarah (or me) about beautiful photography… David Facebook / Contact

Johnny and Laurence. The colour of love is red!

A tip from a photographer friend of Johnny and Laurence’s was to wear red. I think it paid off in spades. Yep, it’s the colour of danger, stop signs, warnings on chemical bottles, bull fighting capes and fire. It’s also the colour of strawberries and ferrari’s. The red rose is dedicated to Aphrodite, the Greek...

Hung and Julie show how much in love they are at Balmoral

We definitely have had winter weather this season in Sydney, cold, very, very wet and quite windy too. The day we did engagement photos at Balmoral Beach the weather had turned more Queensland than Queensland. Beautiful sunshine drenched Hung and Julie as they toured the surrounds so we could get a lot of very lovely...

Martin + Rosie: Engaged…

… for now! But come the weekend they’ll be newlyweds. You might recognise them from a session we did a while ago but for now, as just-about-to-be-marrieds, we headed to Birchgrove for this slightly wintery shoot. Essentially it’s that wonderful Balmain area I like so much with the views across the water, the ferries chugging...

Josh + Ali are getting hitched

We’re really looking forward to Josh and Ali’s wedding tomorrow. We can’t predict the Sydney weather – we hope the rain holds off, but even if it doesn’t it’s guaranteed to be a beautiful wedding with two lovely people, becoming one family, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Getting married? Contact Sarah and I about...

Lee + Sarah pre-wedding session at Berowra Waters

We’ve decided we’re going to minimise (my) verbiage! In the future less words – more photos. After all, that’s what we’re here for. Had a lovely session with Lee and Sarah at Berowra Waters. More photos from this session on our facebook page. Getting married? Contact Sarah and I about beautiful photography… David Contact Us...

Adam and Emma, in love, getting married

So back at that lovely spot at Concord that I like so much – Adam and Emma met up for a shoot amongst the beautiful parkland. They’ve got their wedding coming up pretty soon so this was the perfect opportunity to practice all that necessary hugging, kissing and looking good. They pulled it off. You...



see the world through my lens

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See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography