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Category Archives: Family Portraits

Gubbins Family shoot at Penrith

We held a facebook competition recently (there’s a good reason to become a fan) and Jo and her family ended up winning the fan-voted competition by quite a few votes. So off to Penrith to photography the family – grab a few shots quickly in the backyard initially and then down the road next to...

It felt like a Caribbean family shoot

There’s this perfect little spot across the water from North Sydney with a little strip of beach that, when the sun is right and the clouds are just so and the water’s sparkling and the bush is humming and the boats are quietly lap-lapping at the waves, feels like it should be Jamaica or Bermuda...

Jazmin and Nathan – siblings

Enjoyed a lovely afternoon photographing Jazmin and Nathan at one of my favourite venues at Concord. They were really sweet about having photos taken. Very co-operative. And not, which is good, cause kids need to be kids too – especially when there is water, sand, little dogs and lots of other distractions… You can find...

Chasing Amy (with a camera)

We’ve been away from the blog for a while haven’t we! There’s been plenty of work on – the commercial work continues apace, and the weddings and portraits just keep enthralling us. People are infinitely interesting. We’ve also been in the midst of a bit of construction work here and have recently had the interior...

Carlos, Stephanie, Moo, Bear and Bubble for their Summer Hill Portraits

I’ll bet if Enid Blyton was still writing books she’d be kicking herself if, for an updated Famous Five, she couldn’t find better names than this! Stephanie was the recent winner of our Facebook Mothers Day competition (see, Facebook does have some good qualities) and the family elected to have their Summer Hill Portraits taken...

Blues Point Portraits with Barbara and Alison – two gorgeous sisters

Barbara and Alison came together for their Blues Point Portraits session near Luna Park. They’re sisters (and friends of course!!), both at university and both excellent in front of the camera. In this area we found some really beautiful backgrounds, one of my favourites what this set of short underpasses that were lined with bricks....

Sam and the three sisters

A very happy new year to you all! Work-wise we’re planning on 2010 being a year of excellent and beautiful people photography, lots of regular blog updates, a mission to continue personal photographic projects and the occasional purchase of a new bit of gear every now and then (we’ll you’ve got to, don’t you!?). We...



see the world through my lens

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See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography