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Category Archives: Family Portraits

Sam and the three sisters

A very happy new year to you all! Work-wise we’re planning on 2010 being a year of excellent and beautiful people photography, lots of regular blog updates, a mission to continue personal photographic projects and the occasional purchase of a new bit of gear every now and then (we’ll you’ve got to, don’t you!?). We...

Family get-together for Portrait Session

Now this is a good thing to do – grab the different family members for a family get-together – the parents, husbands, children and all head out for some photos. What’s not so good was the somewhat unpredictable weather. It kept threatening to rain, it was blowing a gale, and it felt freezing cold. Yet...

Damien, Keren, Tessa and Clare

Continuation of photography down at Busselton. However instead of staying in the town, this time we went across to one of the Margaret River winery’s namely Laurence. We took our shots in a fairly timely manner and then, having the necessary time left, tried a little of their fantastic wine. This whole Margaret River area...

Brian, Shelley and three beautiful ladies

For one day during our recent Perth trip we popped down to Busselton and did a couple of shoots there. For those of you with phenomenal memories you might recall a post I did about this place (from our last visit that in 2007). The attractions of this area are legion. But at the forefront...

In Perth…

We did our recent wedding in Perth and had organised some family shoots too. Always a good opportunity to meet people that way. This is Angelina and Marcek (spelling is probably way off) with their two lovely girls. We’d decided to meet in the very famous Kings Park but, being a long weekend (and given...

James, Rachelle and Cameron

A few years ago I had the privilege of photographing James and Rachelle’s wedding. Time goes on and all of a sudden there’s Cameron! And he’s getting older and it was timely to get all three of them captured. Easy to see that he’s a very cute chap, Cameron that is (not that James isn’t…)....

Peter and Rachael + family

Recently did a shoot with this very lovely family at Balmain (again!) where you can sense it was chilly! The two lovely children are Amber and DJ. DJ had to be one of the most happy and exuberant children (and Amber has one of those delightful smiles that is given freely in large measure almost unceasingly) I’ve...



see the world through my lens

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See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography