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Musée by Queensberry

“David and Sarah are talking about another wedding album from Queensberry. Are they really that good? Do they really make the best albums in the world?” The answer to those questions are yes and yes. Queensberry albums are exquisite, delicious, wonderful, beautifully handmade and finished, and made to last. They’re created for you and part...

Queensberry’s latest book goodness – the Press Album

Queensberry recently added a new style of album to their range which is a press-printed, lay-flat album. It looks like their traditional albums, but utilises different paper stocks and printing processes which makes it a more economical alternative to their premium albums. The idea sounded great, but we wanted to see one for ourselves before...

The city lawyer

We’re in the middle of a video and stills shoot for a medium sized Australian law firm. They are updating their website with a complete overhaul. Should look really great. Having a great time doing the material collection for it. The senior partners have been doing pieces direct to camera and many of the other...

Just in – Queensberry Albums

Hi, it’s Sarah! While David has been overseas I had a really big thrill in receiving a special parcel from New Zealand. I couldn’t wait to tell David about how utterly brilliant our new album choice has turned out. It was really hard to describe, via skype to Vietnam, just how gorgeous this new album...

Cameras. What should I buy?

I’m a photographer. I’m not in camera sales but I get asked the same question incredibly regularly. Still I do maintain a strong interest in camera gear so I generally know what’s happening in the industry. What do I use? For 25 years I’ve been a Nikon user in the main. Plenty of their gear,...

What’s a professional for?

I recently saw a survey that talked about bridal couples who regretted not spending more (A LOT MORE) on their wedding photography/ photographer. Okay, so clearly we’ve got a vested interest in talking about something like this, but there’s good reasons to mention it. Most couples recognise the need for wedding photography but, because they’ve...



see the world through my lens

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See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography