This is the Centennial Parklands engagement session of Moira and James. Centennial Park in Sydney is always a gorgeous location for an engagement session, and inevitably, the photos made here are so beautiful they have to be shared.  The park is filled with large and long-lived avenues of trees, long grasslands and enthralling water areas; it has a fabulous variety of nature.

We are often asked why we recommend having an engagement session. I always said it’s just because but as families get older you soon realise how lovely it is to have a touchstone to beginnings. It’s also just a fun thing to do. You get to dress up and look fabulous – maybe think of tying it in with your hair and makeup trial. Take time out from your busy lives, time out from wedding planning and just be together.

While most people have been around lots of photographs and cameras, there’s a point where we need to overcome our natural hesitancy in front of a photographer.

For a lot of people, who have never worked with a professional before, the session can really help overcome nerves. It helps to have a person you now know, whose company you enjoy, photograph your actual wedding day. 

We can also show you how to hold yourself, be photographed as a couple, and, at the very least, look comfortable and be relaxed in front of the camera.

Going somewhere special for engagement and wedding photography doesn’t have to be the goal. Think about being photographed in a place that is meaningful to you as a couple; at home or a family home, the beach, local park, theatre or cinema, markets, in a kitchen, on the train, or on the streets of the city.

After all, this type of personal photography aims to tell your story. Centennial Parklands engagement photography celebrates you. And it doesn’t even have to be for that reason. Being loved is enough. And it looks like this…

James and Moira Engagement session Centennial ParkJames and Moira Centennial park embraceLook of love in Centennial ParkGolden silhouette of James and Moira in Centennial ParksClose embrace of James and Moira during the Engagement Session at Centennial ParklandsCentennial Parklands Engagement kiss at sunsetEngagement photos of James and MoiraSunset silhouette in Centennial ParkJames and Moira looking into each other eyesEngagement kiss in Centennial ParkSilhouette in Centennial Park treesBlue sky silhouette in Centennial ParkJames and Moira held close during their Centennial Parklands engagement sessionEngagement photos of James and MoiraJames and Moira holding handsCentennial Parklands Engagement embrace of James and MoiraVery close

Centennial Parklands Engagement

The parklands have plenty of areas to explore, and there are always hidden spots to find that have some unique aspect of beauty about them. Depending on where the photography session happens, it’s surprisingly easy to get beautiful, quiet, intimate engagement photographs. 

And because not everyone’s a morning person, as often as not we do late afternoon sessions, always hoping to take advantage of a magical sunset.

Just got engaged? Found the right person? Contact David and Sarah about taking some amazing sunset Centennial Parklands Engagement photos. We take the world’s most valuable photographs. Yours!

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