Chasing Amy (with a camera)

We’ve been away from the blog for a while haven’t we!

There’s been plenty of work on – the commercial work continues apace, and the weddings and portraits just keep enthralling us. People are infinitely interesting.

We’ve also been in the midst of a bit of construction work here and have recently had the interior repainted (the currently popular hogs-brush at 1/4 strength). So we’ve got every photo off the wall throughout the house and now we’re looking at new gallery hanging systems to install throughout.

The office has been re-jigged. We’ve got a lovely client space now (yes, I’ll post some images before too long). We’ll do a bit more to it but even now it’s a comfortable meeting space.

Also, Sarah and I have made the commitment to not just figuratively work side-by-side but also literally – so we’re both in the office with desks jutted together. So far so good.

We’ve upgraded our internet too. We’re hoping we can service our clients much faster now. We’re often required to send out large files, of jpegs or different video files, and they both take up lots of space. We’ve had cable for the last three years – it’s been fast but never fast enough. Well now we’ve got really fast cable. In fact it’s nearly as fast as South Korean internet speeds and that’s saying something.

So we’ve just been a touch too busy to do updates. We’ll get back into the swing of it now though!

Amy is a Melbourne girl who has made Newcastle her home.

She wanted to do some portrait shots and did the drive down the 3 to our little Wahroonga and Waitara area.

We did some shots in a few different areas as the sun dropped through the afternoon.

There’s so many really lovely shots.

You can find more photos from this session on our facebook page.

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