Daniel is Daniel K Cheung, occasional scholar, wedding and portrait photographer, podcaster, wedding entrepreneur, traveller and perhaps best of all an excellent storyteller via his venture with his Jihyo, the heroically named Angus Porter.

A couple of months ago Daniel recorded a podcast with me, about wedding photography and my own little journey in it – check it out, but pay much more attention to all the other very clever and creative people Daniel has chatted to – Daniel – Entrepreneur on iTunes.

As the person who is almost always on the other end of a camera or microphone it was an excellent reminder of how nerve-wracking it often is for people to be the subject, whether photographed or recorded.

Daniel and I first met, as sometimes happens in our social media era, via an Australian Apple Mac-centric forum. It was a really great place to hang-out for help and tips and had the bonus of being useful to creatives, who don’t always understand technical lingo.

We’ve met each other a few times in person (a much better way to really get to know people). Daniel, in the “flesh”, is really good company and I can easily see why so many people have fallen for his charms, gentleness and humility (which are often all less obvious online for any of us) when looking for their own photographer.

What I love most about Daniel’s work as the wedding entrepreneur, is his love for storytelling and the value of the moments that I think too many of us are too casual about.

He concentrates on small things; gestures, looks and glances, side moments (the main event is not everything at a wedding!).

After Daniel recorded the interview we quickly took a handful of shots in the studio. This is the result: Daniel – storyteller…

Studio Portrait of Daniel Cheung - the wedding entrepreneurPortrait of Daniel CheungPortrait of Daniel CheungPortrait of Daniel Cheung

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