Down to Balmain

We’ve been frightfully busy this year. You don’t necessarily see all that we do on the blog or website. Quite a bit of our work is commercially orientated – and a bit more of it is specifically video production. So amongst all we’ve had on our plate :-

Yesterday I headed to Melbourne to do a quick shoot for a company that has a fantastic product related to the welding industry. Great fun meeting the staff. And we’ll do some really good stills for them after our video effort to help them in their marketing (not that they need help with their obviously brilliantly designed product). More on that later.

Been making plenty of picture frames too! You didn’t know that did you? Years ago I wanted to try my hand at it so that my hands would have more to do than just press a shutter. So I taught myself framing and we now do it on request. Only photography – and only our stuff – wouldn’t want to destroy someone’s canvas. But it is lovely to have a part in handing over completed art work that we’ve done from scratch. Incidentally we take an approach to framing that is about protecting the artwork and making sure the materials are archival and the process is reversible. We don’t paste down art on acidic cardboard here!!

We’ve spent most of this week editing a video to help advertise a school. 

We’re writing a script for another production that we’ll begin shooting in about two weeks. Love this stuff. It’s creative brainfood.

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time helping my editing guru friend Stuart with a competition video (we both use Apple’s Final Cut, just in case you’re asking). Unfortunately we missed the deadline ever so slightly (by about 90 seconds) but had a ball making it. Should post a link once Stuart has done his final final perfect cut.

So on with today’s blog…

I reckon Mark and Heather are model material – so we went and did some shots on a windy, chilly Sunday afternoon just to prove the point.

All photo’s done down the lower end of the Balmain Peninsula. Interesting place of course. So close to the city, so many beautiful views. So many million dollar houses!

We were standing outside one very lovely house, after taking a couple of shots of Heather next to the gate, wistfully looking at its grandeur. A lady with her shopping came past us and told us which famous member of which very famous Australian band it belonged to. And, by the way, she was the next door neighbour. She parted with the information that it was bought at a very good price in the eighties but was worth something like $18 million now, give or take a financial crisis of course.

Mark and Heather are previous clients. We did their wedding two years ago. Now normally we’d not necessarily shoot so soon down the track but, as we said they ARE such a good looking couple. The interesting point to this was just how much more comfortable, relaxed and in tune a relatively newly married couple are! They were so good in front of the camera – we should make this a regular thing with all our clients. This was great fun.

And at the end we went and had a coffee in one of those great Balmain cafe’s. The coffee was superb. As I recall they had three sizes too. One of them was about as big as a sink!

It’ll be interesting to see how Mark and Heather fair (is it fare?! brain fade…) in forty years time in front of the camera again…






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