En-route To Ho Chi Minh City

To answer the unasked question – yes we’ve been busy, hence the quietness on the blog and facebook.
But while I’m travelling I’m going to try and make the extra effort to keep things up to date.
We’ve had plenty on all year and we’re preparing ourselves for a mad rush to the end of the year too.

Travel is often associated with the hustle and bustle of airports, but sometimes when you look in the right direction they are also very much about contemplation, quietness and isolation.
That was especially true yesterday at the three airports I saw, Sydney, Changi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Everything seemed quiet. The corridors. The concourse. Customs. Shops.
Incidentally I’ve never had faster service at Sydney airport. Bag dropped off immediately. Straight through Customs and that was it. Less than 8 minutes.

A couple of cloud images taken beside the Kuantan area of Malaysia en route to Ho Chi Minh City.
Cloud formations in the sky have a much more 3D feel to them. They seem impossibly big and unconquerable.
The orange glow isn’t the late afternoon sun so much as the dense smoke from enormous forest fires in Malaysia and Indonesia.
Both the cloud images have been taken with my new 35 year old 28mm Nikkor.

I’ll be in Vietnam for a week for the wedding of Kevin and Tracy and a few side events that they have planned for their Vietnamese family and friends.
Expect to see many more images from this country that seems to be running a non-stop motor scooter convention. I’ve never seen so many in my life (and now I’m planning on how to fit a family of five onto a scooter in Wahroonga…)

Planning a wedding overseas or in Australia. Yes – we travel for photos!


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