Drive one to two hours in any direction from Sydney and you end up in some great places for weddings. To the north it's the Hunter Valley. To the south it's the Southern Highlands and to the West it's the Blue Mountains which is where James and Rochelle had chosen to have their Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains wedding.

It's 7.30 in the morning and the world looks clean and ready to be conquered but it's so civilised and useful to pause for coffee at one of Leura's lovely cafes in the main street, that has all the blossoms of spring that look so beautiful. After that quick break to look at the beauty of the Leura Mall it's back up the hill to apartments where James and Rochelle were getting ready.

First to James and his son/ best man Cameron who were quietly going about the preparations.

Boys putting on their ties
Bridegroom helping son put on his tie
putting on the buttonholes
Young groomsman putting on his shoes
Best man at Blue Mountains wedding
hugs with Dad on morning of wedding
Groom and son ready for wedding in Blue Mountains
Groom at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains

Rochelle was finishing hair and makeup and was ready to get into her dress surrounded, as she was, by her family, girlfriends, and her bridesmaid (James' daughter) Amy.

Wedding dress hanging in window of Fairmont Resort
Helping the bride into her wedding dress
Giving the bride her earrings
Bride putting on her earrings
helping the bride with her shoes
Girls getting ready

Amy decided she'd like to help me take a few shots during the prep too, so once into her dress, she grabbed the Nikon with the 35mm lens and fired away, much to her combined delight and serious intent.

Young budding photographer
putting in the veil
Bride at Fairmont Resort Wedding in the Blue Mountains
Beautiful bride at Fairmont Resort
Bridal portrait at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains
bride with her parents
Bride and bridesmaid

Rochelle and James guests gathered at the bottom of the gardens next to the lake at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains.

Rochelle and her father stood on the opposite side of the lake giving a distant and tantalising look to the guests before they walked arm in arm around the lake, to wind their way to James.

A lovely Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains wedding ceremony then took place that involved lots of their family and friends in different ways, and was rare and memorable in that it also involved (happily) three families - so we certainly took quite a few family photographs post-ceremony!

James had been widowed for a few years (she was beautiful in every way), and her family were very much part of the wedding day.

Garden wedding ceremony at Fairmont Resort
Bridesmaid walking down aisle at Fairmont Resort wedding
Walking down the Aisle at Fairmont Resort
Wedding ceremony at Fairmont Resort
Groom lifting her bridal veil
Wedding service at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains
Saying their wedding vows
Exchange of wedding rings
Wedding ceremony Fairmont Resort
Just married at Fairmont Resort
Signing the wedding register
Signing the register
Fairmont resort wedding ceremony
Prayers during wedding service at Fairmont Resort
Greeting their wedding guests

They had a stand up/ mill around lunch, with a coffee cart, incredible homemade biscuits and ice cream too (all great additions to the wedding day - after all, you can't go wrong with any of that!). Yes there was other food too but I'm concentrating on the really important bits here.

The formalities/ speeches were held in a large marquee next to the hotel with lots of great moments, laughter and a little singing too.

The grooms favourite food
Ice-cream for wedding reception at Fairmont Resort
Father of the groom speech
Wedding guests
Speeches by bride and groom at Fairmont Resort

Later in the day, as the children said their goodbyes to James and Rochelle (before we took off for a few formal photographs and before James and Rochelle headed off on their honeymoon) I was able to capture a few frames and overhear what was said. I certainly had a few tears fall at being allowed to witness the start of this new family.

Afterwards Rochelle and James drove us to a nearby scenic outlook to take a few photographs to finish the day.

It was an amazing view over the valley and across to the Three Sisters and we lingered there on the outcrop just taking in the afternoon.

Wedding photography at Fairmont Resort
Wedding photos at Fairmont Resort
Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains wedding
Blue Mountains wedding photography
Wedding photos in Laura Blue Mountains
Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains wedding
Wedding photography at Blue Mountains Lookout
Wedding Photography Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains wedding photography
Wedding photos in the bush of the Blue Mountains
Bride and Groom in Leura
Fairmont resort wedding photography

If you've found the one, the love of your life, and you are now planning your wedding (and especially a Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains wedding) and want beautiful photography to remember this special day then it's time to talk to Sarah or myself. We take compelling, elegant and timeless stills. We capture the most valuable images in the world. Yours.

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