Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, as explored during the hot and humid daytime, is very much about noise, colour, people, food, smells, history, modernity and much, much more.

In an initial exploration of the city I popped out of the hotel and just stood outside watching everyone go about their work for an hour. Very quickly I stopped being the stranger with the big camera and started smiling and then talking to people. Many were keen to pose and smile for the camera.

Anyway, one observation I’ve made is that unlike most cities of the world that I’ve been to, here in Ho Chi Minh they take an exciting and hands-on approach to power and communications cabling. The wires are everywhere, looped up, tangled, multi-threaded, high, low, some dropping to head height, and all very prominent. A real feature!

The workers have been tending to them and I couldn’t help but smile at their very hands on approach to cable management.

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