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About David Henry


loves gelato, tea, my 3 children and my wife


We met in the year 2000. I was shooting her sister's wedding, and I saw her, standing in her bridesmaids dress. She looked beautiful. Two years passed, and we came together again, at another wedding. We started talking, which turned into a long conversation, which turned into falling in love and getting married.


Today I still take photographs, and I still love weddings. One of my greatest thrills at the end of a wedding day is hearing how the family and guests didn’t realise I was the photographer. I certainly do try to let the guests relax, and forget about the tall guy with the camera. I've always been interested in every aspect of photography’s artistic process. The capabilities of the digital era amaze me. The quality of the imagery produced by the equipment we use now, surpasses anything we've ever experienced previously.

Get to know David

My dream super power:

time travel

The wheels I would like to have:

ⓐ Farm tractor

ⓑ Ride-on lawn mower

◉ Electric Mercedes

What's my favourite meal:

I'm not Italian, but I happily indulge
Our Son, Calvin

TV shows I love:

Sopranos, Ozark

I get the most compliments on my:

ⓐ Eyes

◉ Smile

ⓒ Hair

Our daughters Lexi and Cesca

My all-time favorite movie:

Fifth Element

Cities I want to revisit:

ⓐ London

ⓑ Paris

ⓒ Singapore

◉ All of the above

How I like to exercise:

Swimming and walking

Dream holiday:

To be in a big city in a nice hotel and days on end to walk with a camera in hand

Music I love:

◉ Everything else

ⓑ Country music

ⓒ Gregorian chants

Our wedding

See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography