Mali Brae Farm describes itself as a "perfect rustic, rural country setting for your wedding." It's an idyll. Actually idyll is the best word because part of its meaning is "an extremely happy situation." A Mali Brae Farm wedding is a sight to behold.

Happy situations, weddings and Mali Brae Farm go hand in hand. There's a sense of escape and a wonderful taste of country hospitality. Greg and Shelley Dark have been perfecting it since opening up the property to weddings. And for those having weddings in the Southern Highlands it simply must be on their very short list.

Andrew and Colleen based their entire wedding day at Mali Brae Farm, which is always lovely to not feel the pressure of travel pressing on the day.

They had booked out the cabins on site. That meant that Andrew and Colleen could get ready in separate buildings without seeing each other. Colleen would occasionally peek outside as Andrew ran around finishing little jobs here or there, and as he played a long and successful game of jenga with one of his groomsmen.

Colleen had spent months making the decorations for the tables, that were done with real skill and lots of devotion to paper craft.

Most guests had chosen to stay nearby as there is plenty of good accommodation around nearby Moss Vale. A bus was booked, to gather as many as wanted, from the various hotels and to deliver them post-reception.

All the guests gathered together at the Old Ruins, just down the lawn from the beautiful reception area, for the ceremony that had lots of personal touches.

After the ceremony guests were given baskets of food and drink and enjoyed them in various groups just after the family photographs.

Andrew and Colleen popped down the hill and up the other side to take in the gorgeous natural and crafted landscape that Greg has spent years working on.

We stood on the far hillside looking back at the guests enjoying themselves, which made Andrew and Colleen very happy to see.

Keeping them for only a short time for photographs allowed them to get back and enjoy the celebrations, speeches, dancing and the fantastic food and drink.

All too quickly these fun Mali Brae Farm wedding days come to an end and it's time to say goodbye and good night.

Stopping for a kiss on drive at Mali Brae Farm
Groom's outfit ready to wear
Getting ready at Mali Brae Farm
Gorgeous bride at Mali Brae Farm
Walking down the aisle with her father at Mali Brae Farm
Wedding Ceremony at Mali Brae Farm
Wedding Ceremony at Mali Brae Farm
Mali Brae Farm Wedding photography
Wedding photos with Bride and Groom at Mali Brae Farm
Wedding photos at Mali Brae Farm
Walking up the hill at Mali Brae Farm
On the boat deck at Mali Brae Farm
Wedding photos in the grounds of Mali Brae Farm
Walking along the boardwalk at Mali Brae Farm
Quiet moment with Bride and Groom at Mali Brae Farm
Bride and Groom laughing together
Table decorations for wedding reception at Mali Brae Farm
Bride and Groom dancing in the grass at Mali Brae Farm
Bride and Groom at Mali Brae Farm
Sunset wedding at Mali Brae Farm
Gorgeous sunset photo with Bride and Groom at Mali Brae Farm

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