Mui Ne – North of Ho Chi Minh

We’re at a resort for a couple of days at Mui Ne. About 5 hours driving yesterday.
Had a brilliant meal at a local outdoor restaurant. It was all very, very fresh food, mainly seafood that had been caught in the morning.

At the end of the line for the days catch. This catch will end up on the local tables tonight.

One of the very many Russian tourists to this resort town watches the haul of the nets during her early morning swim

Small squid and crabs and lots and lots of bowls of different condiments

Here’s the left over remnants from our incredible dinner. The driver Vu knows the area very well and said the tourists don’t come here but the locals utterly love it. And with good reason!

Here’s the pool and the ocean seen at first light this morning

Planning a wedding overseas or in Australia. Yes – we travel for photos!


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