Nick and Sophie. A gorgeous Peppers Craigieburn wedding.

This was a very beautiful day for a Peppers Craigieburn wedding at Bowral. The threatening storm never eventuated – although it is the reminder that contingency plans need to be made when you’re making wedding arrangments for outdoors.

Nick and Sophie looked the part, dressed beautifully and did things their own way. And that’s as it should be of course.

So yes – that’s Nicks’ sister there as an honorary groomsman! So that was a first for me. And I like firsts. It’s the first time the groomsman have debated which jewellery one of them should wear.

Nick and Sophie had their mothers sign the register for them as witnesses. A beautiful touch. Hadn’t seen that before either.

And they had the most incredible chocolate cake I’ve smelt for a long time. I kept getting close to take shots of it – inhaling all those incredible aromas…

After speeches they danced and danced before heading off for a Hawaiian honeymoon (say it six times fast).

Congratulations Sophie and Nick. Thanks for allowing us to capture your gorgeous day.

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Nick helping his brother with his tie
wedding day rings and flowers
Beautiful bride, Sophie
Sophin looking out the window, ready for her wedding
Bride enjoying time with her Mum
Bridal portraits
Final touches to the wedding dress
Nick waiting for Sophie to walk down the aisle
Sophie arriving for her wedding
walking down the aisle at Peppers Craigieburn
Wedding ceremony at Peppers Craigieburn
Peppers Craigieburn wedding ceremony
signing the register
finally married
wedding recessional
wedding photos at Peppers Craigieburn
Peppers Craigieburn wedding photos
Bride at Peppers Craigieburn
Bride at Peppers Craigieburn
Bride at Peppers Craigieburn
Bride and Groom at Peppers Craigieburn
Groom wedding photos at Peppers Craigieburn
Groom with his brother
Bride on front steps
Wedding Chocolate Cake at Peppers Craigieburn
Peppers craigieburn wedding reception
Wedding reception celebrations

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