Johnny got ready, with friends, just round the corner from Peppers Craigieburn, in yet another lovely part of Bowral. A groom getting ready is almost always a cinch, quickly done perhaps only hindered slightly when working out the proper method for tying a bow. But once tied a very dashing groom is ready for his big day.

Nicky was getting ready upstairs at Craigieburn. Her view drifted across the gardens and golf course. Immediately in front she could see the preparations for the ceremony, on the lawn. Her family filled the room, as they played their part in her preparations and they left one by one to find another job somewhere else or to slip into their own dresses, until eventually it was Nicky left and a knock on the door told her it was time to walk with her father down the staircase, over the dive and down the aisle towards the tall man she has fallen in love with.

In keeping with so many weddings today there was no bridesmaids or groomsmen – the wedding party per say. But the involvement of others remains meaningful in a dear way. Johnny and Nicky’s respective mothers carried the rings to them, sisters signed as witnesses, a friend as MC, and so on.

With their vows said, papers signed, gelato and drinks beings consumed post-ceremony, Johnny and Nicky took time for some photographs around the Peppers Craigieburn course before the reception.

The room was beautifully decorated throughout, the food as ever was excellent, the speeches contained many moments of greatness and the dancing lingered until those moments when it’s time to say goodnight.

This is going to be one of those days I’ll always remember because of Nicky’s most infectious laugh and smile, perhaps the most gorgeous I’ve known. Easy to see one reason Johnny fell for her! She finds those smiles and laughs so easily and uses them so readily it’s clear the people she loves are lucky indeed. Most wedding days people say they’re sore from smiling so much but probably not Nicky, it’s undoubtedly her every day.

The memories of the details of a day shall fade but not the feel and emotion of it. Weddings like this remain in the heart. Thank you Nicky and Johnny.

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Nicky’s beautiful wedding dress was designed by Wendy Makin and purchased from Marry Me Bridal in Mosman. Her hair and makeup was done by Nikita Lauren. The gorgeous bouquet and floral decorations were from Little Bird Bloom Flower Studio in Bowral.

If you’ve found the one, the love of your life, and you are now planning your wedding (and especially a Peppers Craigieburn wedding in the Southern Highlands) and want beautiful photography to remember this special day then it’s time to talk to Sarah or myself. We take compelling, elegant and timeless stills. We capture the most valuable images in the world. Yours.

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