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Hi, it’s Sarah! While David has been overseas I had a really big thrill in receiving a special parcel from New Zealand. I couldn’t wait to tell David about how utterly brilliant our new album choice has turned out. It was really hard to describe, via skype to Vietnam, just how gorgeous this new album is, so David had to wait until he got back into the country and he was just as impressed.


We’ve spent some time doing research (in fact we’re constantly searching for great products and we will show you more of what we’ve found soon) into various album companies as we want to be able to supply our clients with the very best products available. Our search eventually led us to the NZ company Queensberry. Their albums are stunning handmade works of art. The quality and finish is amazing.

No, they’re not cheap at all, but this company is making the albums that will get handed on to future generations as a bespoke family reference.

Not necessarily to compare companies but the Queensberry albums are a lot like Apple’s products (beautifully thought out, very well made, wonderfully packaged and presented). When you see one for real it sells itself.

Our first album, a sample, based on Dave and Katie’s gorgeous wedding, arrived in our studio and has blown us away. It’s an 18×12 inch Duo (a combination of digital and matted pages) with a blueberry leather cover and ivory pages. It’s absolutely beautiful. We also ordered matching parent albums, which are an identical digital copy of the main album, in both a 5inch and 7 inch size.

Beyond this there is a rather large range of choices – sizes (many smaller and larger too), materials, styles.

Unfortunately neither David or I can either describe or photograph the beauty of this product to the satisfaction that it deserves. It needs to be seen and touched!


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