Queensberry Press Book

Lauren and Leighton’s press book – coffee table book – arrived from NZ.

We held our breathe, ripped off the box (no we didn’t Lauren) to have a peek at this new product that seemed so tantalising on the Queensberry website and then breathed again in pure delight.

I said to Queensberry on Twitter that this was the book I’ve been looking for. This is the product that I’ve wanted to offer clients who would like a coffee table book.

This new look is almost a cross between a book and an album.

There’s lovely textured pages – we’re saying goodbye to the normal paper now. We want every client to have this type of paper because it feels so very good.

The cover for Leighton and Lauren is leather. It feels just right and looks great with the embossing of names.

We added a few parchment interleaves to this book. Uniquely we placed a lot of text in the book, including the speeches as a wonderful keepsake.

On one interleave we put the vows and wedding ceremony for the wedding.

We’d love to do this for more people too. What a truly great way to keep the precious spoken memories of a happy day!

Lauren picked the book up last night. She arrived just as our Miss Six lost her first tooth.

Out with the old. In with the new!


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