Sam and the three sisters

A very happy new year to you all!

Work-wise we’re planning on 2010 being a year of excellent and beautiful people photography, lots of regular blog updates, a mission to continue personal photographic projects and the occasional purchase of a new bit of gear every now and then (we’ll you’ve got to, don’t you!?).

We hope to photograph many, many fantastic people this year. After all, photography is the record of a moment in time that is often forgotten. It jogs our memory of who we were, and where we were – of haircuts, fashion and events. In twenty years time how do you think we’ll look back at 2010?

Sam, Jess, Emma and Michaela went to Dee Why a few weeks ago to do some photos to surprise their Mum and Dad.

We stayed in the one location around the rocks and did some very lovely photos in the overcast, evening conditions.

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