Carlos, Stephanie, Moo, Bear and Bubble for their Summer Hill Portraits

I’ll bet if Enid Blyton was still writing books she’d be kicking herself if, for an updated Famous Five, she couldn’t find better names than this! Stephanie was the recent winner of our Facebook Mothers Day competition (see, Facebook does have some good qualities) and the family elected to have their Summer Hill Portraits taken at their old stamping ground. It was a real privilege to photograph the family in their chosen Summer Hill Park. The children, Moo, Bear and Bubble were utterly lovely. And Stephanie and Carlos are a real laugh together. It was so much fun to be with them AND to see them constantly waving and greeting their Summer Hill friends too.

Carlos and Stephanie now live to the north of us on the Central Coast. Amongst all the other things they do is to make really great kids clothing designs – and a great name it has too – Moobear Designs. Have a peek at their website and check out the Moobear blog, where they keep all their fans and friends up to date or even go as far as checking out their facebook fan page!

Stephanie worked the internet angle to get lots of people onboard for her entry in the comp. Plenty of her friends (and plenty of our fans too) voted for her picture. The theme was “Mum is…” – and Stephanie responded with a great picture and story. Click on the link to see just how many responded to her terrific entry.

And naturally, you can find more photos from this session on our facebook page. Incidentally, you don’t have to be a member of facebook to see these photos. Just click on the link above and you’re taken to the DHP “Home” page with lots of different things to look at. And if you do join facebook you never know –  we’re bound to have another competition too.

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Summer Hill Family Portraits
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Summer Hill Photo Session
Family Portraits Summer Hill
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Summer Hill Portraits
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