It's almost laughable to talk about this from a Sydney context at the moment given how dry the year has been for some of us but let's discuss the "problem" with a Sydney rainy day wedding. It doesn't have to be, "Oh no it's raining. The day's going to be ruined." Most bridal couples are hoping for lovely sunny weather, but the weather is so changeable that to expect it (especially on Coastal New South Wales) is a bit of a gamble. Be prepared for the weather to do something unhelpful to your plans, so you don't then have to worry.

storm clouds gathering overhead the wedding ceremony

I distinctly remember one of our brides with a rather expensive wedding dress. The rain was intermittent throughout the day, and she was specific that nothing should happen to the dress, especially for it not to get wet. The wedding was in a beautiful country location, and they wanted to make the most of the outside scenery for some photographs. Lots of compromises were made to help make sure that would happen, such as standing on towels or being carried across wet grass and so on. When our bride looked back at the day she wished she'd perhaps just got on with accepting the weather as it was, as her worries were palpable.

The weather will do what it does and your wedding day will be successful for what it represents, the simple, perfect things like your love and commitment to each other and the celebrations you'll enjoy. My suggestion is to always remember that something could happen. Plan enough and accept the inevitable, especially regarding ceremony location, clothes are worn, things falling over, humidity ruining hair (and so on).

Rainy wedding at Palm Beach

There might be times where it's just too silly or dangerous to venture outside. Especially don't go out if lightning is around at all. Heavy rainfall will kill camera equipment quite fast, so it's unhelpful to push through in extreme conditions. Strong winds are hazards all their own but more so with bridal dresses. It won't be the flying nun but why risk it.

If it is too wet to do things outside at all, there's plenty of ways to get photographs indoors no matter how space limited you might be. Think about umbrellas - rainy days are usually grey so maybe go with colours. Or to let more light in either clear or white. Or just be a little classic and stick with basic black.

together under the umbrella
Under the umbrella

If the clouds are doing something - looming, ominous, or bright and hit by light, let them be the centre of attention. Rainy days means water on the ground, and that means lots of reflections and additional light. Reflected illuminated colours are drawn long. Things sparkle more. There's a real vibrancy. And maybe for the sake of it, especially at night, brave it in the falling rain. Head outside and shoot.

Kissing in the rain
Outside in the rain for some wedding photos
how to use the rain at your wedding
Sydney rainy day wedding
how to enjoy the rain on your wedding day
embrace the rain on your wedding day

There might be a bit of wind blowing too. Wind in dresses, veils and hair adds life. Don't try and spend time straightening your hair out or patting the dress down; the wind has whipped into action. Grab hold of each other and be the only two people in the world without anything to care about except being together.

If it all seems a bit too much, maybe save it all for a shot or two at the end of the night. You'll get a bit wet, the day will almost be over, and you can soon change clothes after your remarkable day.

peering out at the rain

At ground level clouds, fog and mist are all rare enough here that it's inspiring when it happens. Hopefully, if your wedding does have adverse conditions it won't be a case of that being the story, instead, "C'est la vie, and our Sydney Rainy Day Wedding was memorable for so many other reasons."

Wedding photos in the rain
Enjoying the rain on a wedding day
taking shelter from the rain
finally the rain storm has passed

If you've found the love of your life, and are now busy planning your wedding, then don't forget to plan for a Sydney Rainy Day Wedding. Just in case.

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