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Mike + Mercie | Elegant Centennial Park Wedding

They’d come from different parts of the globe, more than four hundred guests, sat in Paddington at Mike and Mercie’s elegant Centennial Park wedding ceremony cheering them on, applauding their love, and rejoicing with their family. And they all sang together too. That was great, listening to so many voices ring out. Often in groups everyone...

Peter and Jodie’s Wollongong City Beach wedding celebrations

After Peter and Jodie had completed their wedding preparations in Sydney they travelled the short hop south to Mt Keira for their wedding ceremony and then later on in the day they had a Wollongong City Beach wedding reception. Nestled amidst the trees, and the side of the mountain, was a chapel-like natural space. Greenery...

Michael and Casey celebrate their wedding at Sergeants Mess

Love these weddings with flavours from all over the world. Michael and Casey seemed to have guests from every corner of the globe for their wedding at Sergeants Mess (and have since honeymooned in some of the more spectacular parts too). Casey’s heritage is via Goa. Casey looked beautiful. That dress. Wow. Detail laced upon...

Chris and Jess’s wedding at Gledswood – a day to celebrate

Chris and Jess had a beautiful wedding at Gledswood. They were very much surrounded by the people they love. It was evidenced in everything seen and heard. It was also a very funny wedding day. Lots and lots of laughter all round. Groomsmen riffing off each other, and the bridesmaids too (is sassy the right...

James Maloney marries Jessica Anderson in Watsons Bay

James Maloney and Jessica Anderson’s wedding day was a bit of a stunner. A beautiful spring day as a backdrop to two families joining together in celebration. James and his groomsmen prepared at home and did their very best under different circumstances. The week before James Maloney had been part of the NRL Grand Final...

A gorgeous Moss Vale garden wedding at Kalaurgan House

Looking at Paul and Laura’s Moss Vale garden wedding is to digest the idea that they (okay – Laura) had a very specific vision for the wedding day and pulled it off by really pulling out all the stops. Just look at the beautiful venues, the colours, the gorgeous flowers, beautiful dresses, shoes and all...

Bella Vista Farm wedding of Cameron and Shannon

As I look back through the images I’m struck by the sheer happiness, the laughter of everyone, and the delight that was Cameron and Shannon’s Bella Vista Farm wedding day. It was another beautiful spring wedding day in Sydney with one of the calmest, reddest sunsets I’ve had at a wedding (the colours had to...



see the world through my lens

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See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography