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Noah and Beth: Circular Quay Engagement Love

It was the bank holiday in Sydney, and it felt like a really relaxed and gorgeous day that turned into a beautiful evening for a Circular Quay engagement session. The winter weather wasn’t (a nice bit of alliteration!)! The sun warmed the tourists around Circular Quay, wandering that path between the Opera House and the...

Newcastle Beach Engagement Session with Brendan and Alannah

My cousin in law Liz keeps trying to explain cousinly connections to me. I still don’t have it all worked out. So either Alannah is my second cousin or my first cousin once removed or something quite similar. Needless to say it’s easy to see that great beauty runs in the family and that Brendan...

Aldrich + Joanne: Strickland House Engagement Session

This exploration of Sydney continues apace. Aldrich and Joanne had suggested Strickland House, a venue they’d very seriously considered for their ceremony, understandably so (they eventually went for the equally beautiful Sergeants Mess). A beautiful building on a bright and sunny Sydney day, showing off it’s magnificent grandeur. Like so much of Sydney, the beauty...

Darling Point Engagement: Joe + Amy enjoying Sydney Harbour

Every now and then I’m shown a place, in Sydney, that I never knew existed, that turns out to be really lovely. McKell Park is a great spot for a Darling Point engagement session. It’s hard to not to like it. Views of all the right things on Sydney Harbour, and usually that’s enough. But...

Neil and Emma’s celebrate at Lake Parramatta

Our ridiculous summer-y Winter continues and gives us days like this. Neil and Emma at Lake Parramatta Reserve until the sun dropped behind the hills… Getting engaged? Getting married? Contact David and Sarah about beautiful photography. We take the world’s most valuable photographs. Yours! Website / Facebook / / Phone: 02 9487 5630

Mike and Janelle’s amazing Sydney pre-wedding photos

This was a LOT of fun. Mike and Janelle are engaged, living and working in Sydney, but are about to return to the United States, for work, study and a wedding. Before they leave these shores they wanted to take some Sydney pre-wedding photos in their current backyard, and include a few of the obvious...

Bare Island pre-wedding photos with Phil and Leesh

Phil and Leesh suggested doing some Bare Island pre-wedding photos, a place near La Perouse none of us were familiar with. Sure, we’ve all seen it when we peer on the window on the side of the plane when coming in or out of Mascot but that fleeting glimpse doesn’t say a thing for how...



see the world through my lens

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See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography