The city lawyer

We’re in the middle of a video and stills shoot for a medium sized Australian law firm. They are updating their website with a complete overhaul. Should look really great.

Having a great time doing the material collection for it. The senior partners have been doing pieces direct to camera and many of the other lawyers have popped in for a very quick stills shoot. I’m using the tungsten lights with shoot-through softboxes on both the video and stills to keep the set-up to a minimum of fuss.

The light looks fantastic. Just two heads, either side of subject. Bigger softbox to the front left of subject and a smaller, lower powered head to the back and right. Both about head height. Seems to come up with a pretty neat 3-D look. The kit is nice and small because we do have to travel with it. Brilliant for these interviews.

Showing this still of one of the lawyers who reminds me of some of my country family!

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