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Loves Gelato, Tea, My Three Children And
My Wife

My style is very candid and non-obtrusive. I love to observe my subjects and capture them in a very natural, honest and uncontrived way.

Hello! I’m David

This is me - David Henry

We met in the year 2000. I was shooting Sarah's sister’s wedding, and I saw her, standing in her bedroom in her bridesmaid’s dress. She looked beautiful. Two years passed, and we came together again, at another wedding. We started talking, which turned into a long conversation, which turned into falling in love and getting married.

Today, I still take photographs, and I still love weddings. One of my greatest thrills at the end of a wedding day is hearing how the family and guests didn’t realise I was the photographer. I certainly do try to let the guests relax, and forget about the tall guy with the camera.

I've always been interested in every aspect of photography’s artistic process. The capabilities of the digital era amaze me. The quality of the imagery produced by the equipment we use now, surpasses anything we've ever experienced previously.

I live with Sarah, two lovely daughters, one cute son, a freezer that always contains ice cream, and the fragrance from a warm pot of tea.

We are proud to showcase our work, and both enjoy meeting our clients together. We’d love to meet you too, and capture your memories to keep and hold forever.

Send us an email, make an appointment, and we’ll join you on your journey.

Client Testimonials

Ed and Amanda at Peppers Craigieburn
Sydney Harbour wedding
Bride and Groom at Mountain Ridge Winery

"Ed and I were incredibly pleased with every interaction we had with David. From the beginning, we knew we’d found the right photographer to capture our celebration of marriage and we were right! He made the whole process easy and the end results amazing.

Thank you again for the great experience and outstanding work you did from start to finish. I’m so pleased we chose you and look forward to seeing you again in the future."

“We can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you did David. You were extremely professional and fun to work with. You have such amazing talent and skills as every photo has turned out AMAZING!

One of the things we loved about you was that you were helping us with the poses throughout the shoot which we feel is one of the reasons why we absolutely love our wedding photos. You captured every special moment plus more and we are so grateful and genuinely happy that we can look back and remember our special day so vividly because of this.”

David took the time to get to know us and what we wanted from our wedding photography, and he delivered. We had been nervous about the cost, but David and Sarah worked with us to deliver a package that suited our needs and budget.

They both went over and above, and we are so grateful for their amazing work. They put us at ease throughout the day, and gelled seamlessly with the videographer. All round superb!

— Ed and Amanda

— Lee and Natalie

— Nathan and Lara

Peppers Craigieburn — NSW

Sydney — NSW

Mountain Ridge Winery — NSW

Sunset wedding photo silhouette


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And they’re definitely the moments we want to look back on in the years and decades to come. After all, photography allows us to re-live our history and caters to our needs to have gorgeous moments seen today.

I see movement, people laughing, animated conversations, emotional connection, and touch. Your laughter, hugs, cheekiness, intensity, contemplation is seen, felt, and absorbed.

Where and when direction is required, sometimes mere suggestion is key. After all, you will want to see yourself reflected.

The photographs that eventuate from our time together show you, celebrated, loved, heard. They’ll be memories that transport you, your children, and your grandchildren, allowing you to see your family’s beginnings and growth. That’s the gift you give yourself, an emotional and tangible connection to the people, places and times that mean everything to you.

I photograph what unfolds, and yes, I also help craft and direct images.

Is the success of an image centred on the construction of the photograph or on witnessing something more fundamental and more authentic?

“But everything has to be perfect”. No, it really doesn’t. The sometimes chaotic nature of who we are give us photographs that really tell the story of our personality, with more truth. Sure, it will show more imperfections, but that’s where our stories often dwell.

Observation helps create visual memories that are genuine. It helps to be calm, reassuring, confident as a photographer. Being gentle, calm and mindful allows moments to develop naturally. It helps our clients and their families feel more relaxed on what can be times of heightened emotion and feelings.

People in love have a cadence, a rhythm and flow to their interactions. Human behaviour is usually predictable but occasionally surprises us with spontaneity, uncertainty, and new things. Capturing these, as they’re happening, delivers the natural elements that show the shared connection of relationships.