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Dave and Koo say I do

And here we are at Cataract Dam again.  Don’t think we’ve ever done two weddings at the same location in such a close time before – so being very conscious of that we tried our hardest to make this wedding look quite different to Matt and Paula’s (from earlier in the year). Think we succeeded...

One of Four – Amanda

As promised here’s individual posts of the “Four girls”.  We begin with Amanda… Contact Us / Facebook / / Phone: 02 9487 5630

Lotsa girls

Ok – in the first two photo’s we have Danielle, Katie, Amanda and Bri. Photographed them around the St Mary precinct in town. Lots of great backdrops there. We’ll do a couple of posts about the girls but we’ll start with a selection of group shots. You’ve gotta see the individual shots though. They look...

Hot Summer Adelaide Wedding of Phil and Lizzy

Phil’s been a friend for a long time. Wonderful person who is incredibly dedicated and talented, musical and funny – one of those all-rounders. And then he met his “you complete me” partner in Lizzy. And he stepped up the dedication a notch or six. So they got married in Adelaide and the Sydney people...

See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography