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Aldrich + Joanne: Strickland House Engagement Session

This exploration of Sydney continues apace. Aldrich and Joanne had suggested Strickland House, a venue they’d very seriously considered for their ceremony, understandably so (they eventually went for the equally beautiful Sergeants Mess). A beautiful building on a bright and sunny Sydney day, showing off it’s magnificent grandeur. Like so much of Sydney, the beauty...

Wedding at Gunners Barracks: Alex and Sonya’s wonderful day

Here’s just a little taste of Alex and Sonya’s beautiful wedding at Sydney’s amazing Gunners Barracks tearooms. The sport of judo was their meeting point (Sonya is an Australian Olympic representative) from which friendship and love developed. Sonya got dressed at her parents, looking beautiful in her gorgeousLora Eliss wedding dress. Her hair was done...

Centennial Park Engagement Session: Jason + Toni

It’s just a little Centennial Park engagement shoot, but it’s celebrating the biggest thing in the world – L. O. V. E. Love! Jason and Toni sauntered through the back of the Park with me one afternoon. On the way into town the radio didn’t stop talking about the very big storm that was brewing...

Jamie + Jennifer: A lovely Sydney family wedding

To end 2014 all our December weddings were really similar in one regard. They were all small and intimate celebrations, throwing the emphasis, from a photographic perspective onto family and the couple themselves. And it was really lovely. A beautiful Sydney family wedding. It didn’t change the nervousness that the couples felt, nor the excitement....

Beautiful Stanhope Gardens wedding of Neil and Emma

The perfection of a Stanhope Gardens wedding day is measured in laughter and tears, hugs and kisses, long silences, gasps, applause and well wishes. Emma and Neil have known and loved each other for years, so it was no surprise to see them surrounded by their cumulative family and friends, delighted at their new beginning....

See the world through my lens


Photography & filmsChris ⤫ CrossDavid Henry Photography