Adam and Emily's spare time is often used life-saving at Coogee. And that's how they met. So at their suggestion it's clearly most appropriate to shoot at their Coogee engagement session near the body of water they love so much.

It was brilliant to spend the time with them in this place: the rolling, crashing, thundering waves against the shoreline; the gathering clouds with the warmly coloured hues of oranges, yellows and reds; the solitude of the cliff faces, and the dangers of the rocks.

Adam and Emily in love at Coogee
Thumping waves at Coogee Beach
Love at Coogee
Love with the big waves
Storm clouds passing Coogee
Coogee Engagement Session
Blue waves at Coogee
Holding hands at Coogee beach
Climbing over the rocks at Coogee
Thumpers at Coogee
above coogee beach
Embracing at Coogee
Horizon at Coogee
Love and laughter at Coogee
Coogee Beach Engagement Session
Holding close at Coogee
Bench love
Coogee Beach Engagement Session
Sunset silhouette at Coogee

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