Joanne and Aldrich definitely have the fun gene pre-installed. Their day was jam-packed with it. From Oatley to Observatory Hill, to celebrating their Sergeants Mess wedding with an amazing reception.
The day started early; early enough that the fog rolled over Sydney Harbour at first light. A beautiful sight to watch from thirty floors up.
Aldrich was getting ready at the Shangri-La at the Rocks with his groomsmen, before a trip to the Hurstville district to “fight” for his bride.
Joanne’s bridesmaids set some Herculean tasks for the groomsmen, with all entering into the spirit of the games wholeheartedly.
It started out at the front entrance with each groomsman doing push-ups, made harder still by performing them with a companion on their back.
There were questions to be answered or paid for as well.
Once they’d made it through the front door the next challenge was climbing up the steps by swapping, only via mouth-to-mouth, a piece of paper. With each swap a stair was gained. It made for a lot of laughter amongst Joanne’s family!
At the top of the stairs there was still more negotiations between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. “You pay us this much”, “No, no that’s too much. How about…!” And on it went until finally, with envelopes clasped triumphantly, the door was pushed open and Aldrich could greet Joanne.
There was a tea ceremony back downstair. Aldrich carried Joanne down the staircase (at what point in the marriage does this stop!?). Then this wonderful tradition was underway. The couple being introduced to the elders of the family, celebrated over the ceremonial tea proffered by the couple, and reinforced with gifts and red envelopes from the family, all done under the double happiness symbols.
And that was repeated with Aldrich’s family back at the Ryde area along with morning tea (with one of my Asian favourites – coffee with condensed milk).
Back at the Shangri-La there was time for some photographs before the boys headed to lunch and Joanne headed upstairs to become a Vera Wang bride.
From the room upstairs it was possible to keep an eye on the wedding ceremony set up at Observatory Hill.
The Rolls Royce waited downstairs until Joanne emerged, looking amazing, and the driver and the bridesmaids stood wondering how to thread Joanne and her wonderful dress carefully into the car for the short drive round to the Hill.
They parked behind the Sydney Observatory and walked around the corner, towards the big tree, under which Aldrich waited with all their family and friends.
After their I do’s and I will’s and the family photographs they headed to Bradley’s Head for some photographs before a few more around Sergeants Mess.
Joanne was fantastic with her dress, more than keen to get in and do some scenic photographs despite puddles, wind and sea spray.
And then it was time for the reception and the celebration of their Sergeants Mess Wedding.
The room looked fantastic, their MC kept it all running really smoothly, games were played, speeches made, huge amounts of laughter, several tears, lots of toasts, and plenty of dancing kept the whole night fun and spirited.
For us it was also another opportunity to do a wedding with Matthew from Inkster Productions, enjoy the hospitality of a wedding Sergeants Mess and meet some new, for us, Sydney wedding vendors.

Wedding-photos-bradleys-headWedding-view-from-shangri-laGroom-on-wedding-day-Shangri-LaGroom-getting-ready-Shangri-La-SydneyShangri-La-Sydney-GroomGroom-at-Shangri-LaWedding-day-asian-gamesGroom-performing-for-brideGames-to-get-the-bridebargaining-for-bridepaying-to-get-to-brideFinally-sees-his-brideCarries-bride-outTea-family-at-brides-houseBride-leaving-homeTea-ceremony-at-grooms-homewedding-photos-Shangri-La-SydneyWedding-day-photos-Shangri-La-SydneyWedding-Shangri-La-SydneyWedding-day-Shangri-La-SydneyBride-and-Groom-Shangri-La-SydneyGorgeous bride in her traditional red chinese dressLove-at-Shangri-La-SydneyVera-Wang-Wedding-Dress-Shangri-La-SydneyJimmy-Choo-Wedding-Shoes-Shangri-La-SydneyBridal-bouquet-SydneyVera-Wang-Wedding-DressBride-dressing-in-Vera-Wang-Wedding-DressBride-Shangri-La-SydneyBride-on-wedding-day-Shangri-La-SydneyLeaving-for-wedding-ceremonyAbout-to-walk-down-aisleWalking-down-aisle-observatory-hill-sydneyWedding-observatory-hill-sydneywedding-vows-observatory-hill-sydneyYou-may-kiss-the-brideFinally-married-observatory-hillMarried-observatory-hillObservatory-Hill-Sydney-Wedding-photoswedding-photos-observatory-hillWedding-love-observatory-hillBridal-party-observatory-hillBride-in-Vera-Wang-Observatory-hillwedding-party-bradleys-headwedding-laughter-bradleys-headBride-vera-wang-bradleys-headWedding-photos-at-bradleys-headSunset-wedding-photography-bradleys-headbradleys-head-wedding-sunsetbride-vera-wang-chowder-bayWedding-photos-chowder-bayWedding-reception-Sergeants-MessSergeants Mess WeddingWedding-reception-details-Sergeants-MessWedding-cake-Sergeants-MessWedding-ringsWedding-reception-bridal-party-sergeants-messbridal-entry-sergeants-mess-wedding-receptionWedding-speeches-Sergeants-MessSergeants-Mess-wedding-reception-best-man-speechSpeeches-Sergeants-Mess-WeddingGroom-speech-Sergeants-Mess-WeddingFirst-Dance-Sergeants-MessWedding-Sergeants-Mess-first-danceWedding-Sergeants-Mess-asian-gamesAsian-Games-Sergeants-Mess-Weddingthrowing-the-bouquet-sergeants-messfinding-the-garter-sergeants-mess-weddingthrowing-the-garter-sergeants-messWedding-photos-Sergeants-MessBride-photos-sergeants-MessBride-and-groom-Sergeants-Mess

Joanne’s hair and makeup was done by Anna Poshe Bridal Artistry.
The gorgeous cake was made by Sweet Olivia Sugar Arts.
Centrepiece by Design were the amazing stylists behind the decorations at Joanne and Aldrich’s reception.

If you’re taking the plunge into marriage with a Sergeants Mess Wedding and would love beautiful photography then it’s time to talk to Sarah or myself. We take compelling, elegant and timeless stills. We capture the most valuable images in the world. Yours.

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