Chris likes surfing at this Mona Vale beach. Standing on the headland I could appreciate why. It’s more than the waves. It’s the long run of the beach, the quiet little walks between beach and streets with lots of renewed greenery, the rocks at either end with their pools and dangers, the morning colours whether in sun or rain, the rise of the small cliff back up to the headland. Apparently Bec will go along every now and then and watch Chris surf (hopefully he puts on a good show!) and they suggested this place for their Mona Vale Beach engagement session.

We met early Sunday morning and stood on the headland surveying the ocean before us. Rain showers kept scudding past but created moments of great beauty.
Bec and Chris were wonderful together in this place. Their comfort with each other perhaps amplified by a place they enjoy so much. I liked the little touch of Bec bringing along a blanket that they could share together, given the drizzle it proved useful in more ways than one, creating an even greater connection between them.

We played with the waves for a few minutes, one ended up getting the better of me in one set. As we ran in and out from the edge with the retreating water, I was watching Chris and Bec through the viewfinder, and suddenly knowing that a larger wave was headed my way and that I’d have to put up with soaked shoes. It inevitably caught up to me before I had time to clear the shoreline. Lesson learnt! Take them off next time when trying to be clever.

So let’s have a look at some of the images from the early morning Mona Vale beach engagement session…

There’s a degree of mutual complicity between a photographer and a couple (or family, or a single). It’s built on trust from the subject to the photographer.
That trust stems back to the first time they saw the photographers work and develops over time. Our clients develop an understanding that we’re after the best possible results for them. We’re not just repeating an exercise that has been done again and again, we’re genuinely interested in who each person is. We’re customising for every individual.

The engagement session has always been useful to understand the needs of the couple, the way they work together and the way we photographers work. Ultimately that trust is paid off when we end up with images that show the couple as their family and friends know them, with the way they hold each other, the way they look at one another. That can’t be faked and it is too hard to produce it without that developing trust.

Love at Mona Vale
View out to Sea at Mona Vale Beach
Laughter at Mona Vale Beach Engagement session
Quiet moment at Mona Vale Beach engagement
Fun at Mona Vale Beach
Mona Vale Beach
Black and white engagement photos at Mona Vale Beach
Engagement photos at Mona Vale Beach
Love in the Sand at Mona Vale Beach
Walking through the bush at Mona Vale
Engagement photos at Mona Vale

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