Of late I've been deliberately breaking habits. For the Balmoral Beach engagement photos of Johnny and Nicky, instead of going to the south, which I've done at several sessions in the past, we met at the rotunda and went north. It turns out that there's quite a lot of interesting areas on the way around to the rocks. And the rocks themselves add even more opportunity for photography and there's quite a lot of room on the rocks at the northern end.

Johnny's got height on his side so we made use of the natural rocks, fences, and even found a spiral staircase for a few shots, so that we levelled the playing field for quite a lot of shots between he and Nicky.

An overcast day kept the light fairly even. To dispel the myth, that's not always the photographers friend. Sunlit days provide drama, contrast and saturation quite naturally. So I was hopeful, whenever the clouds show up, that they'll also do that brilliant thing of allowing the sun to peak through around sunset time. Didn't happen this time.

But what did happen was a beautiful session with two people who adore each other and who were brilliant in exploring their connection with each other. And I think they may even have rewarded themselves with dinner at Bathers Pavilion post-session. Well why not!

Engagement photos at Balmoral Beach
Balmoral Beach Engagement Photos
Laughter between couples
Reflection at Balmoral Beach
Sitting on the wall
At Balmoral
Whispering sweet nothings
Couple laughing together
On the rocks at Balmoral Beach
Walking on the rocks at Balmoral
Love on the bridge at Balmoral Beach
Love under the bridge at Balmoral
In love
Black and white romance at Balmoral

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