It was the bank holiday in Sydney, and it felt like a really relaxed and gorgeous day that turned into a beautiful evening for a Circular Quay engagement session. The winter weather wasn’t (a nice bit of alliteration!)! The sun warmed the tourists around Circular Quay, wandering that path between the Opera House and the City. It felt like a magical day.

Noah trundled up first since he and Beth were coming from opposite directions. It was the first time I’d met Noah (some of our weddings and engagement sessions are done off the back of a phone call or email). We started to catch up, with me specifically asking for more information about the recent time they saw Penn and Teller in Las Vegas ( yeah this is off topic but – they’ve got one of the great magic and comedy double acts in the US which has extended to music videos including “It’s Tricky” with Run DMC and lots of magic shows on TV and one occasion when they popped up on West Wing).

Once we were all together I asked how the two of them had met. They worked in the same organisation but sometimes it takes something special to “tip you over the edge”. In this case it was a Pyjama Day at work (given where Sarah and I work – at home – we’ve had to stipulate that every day can’t be pyjama day). Being the type of workplace that they were at, more often given to suits and that kind of thing, no one wore pyjamas but Beth tried to get into the spirit of the day and wore her Ugg boots. Noah noticed the detail.

And now Noah and Beth are getting married. Quite soon.

It’ll be an intimate family affair and I can’t wait.

In each other they’ve found their best friend. Better than the warmest pair of Ugg boots in winter!

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