Kings School is right in the middle of Sydney, next to Parramatta, and is known as one of the country’s most prestigious private schools, it also happens to be home to a lovely chapel, beautiful grounds, gardens, and historic buildings. Quite perfect for a wedding.

We photograph weddings at many of Sydney’s different private schools, including King’s. Usually, because they have beautiful facilities and grounds, and are often located conveniently.

As couples look to creating a day that reflects who they are, it makes a lot of sense to utilise the halls and chapels of their childhood. Although, you can imagine it’s a time for negotiation and compromise if both felt as passionately about their schools.

There are so many different ways to select a venue for a wedding. It’s often the first decision to be made after, “Will you…?!” And “When shall we…?”

Schools chosen by couples carry their own sense of history and beauty (great from a photograph perspective). They also often come with the personal history the couples best friends, who inevitably end up being part of the wedding party.

But when talking about venues, which comes first? Is it the ceremony or the reception? And depending on your selection criteria and geography, are you looking to use one location for everything? That is a popular choice for lots of good reasons.

Very rarely are the schools used for both purposes, so consider how far away the ceremony and reception locations are.

We would like to share some photos from Nathan and Sarah's King School wedding. Their reception held later that evening was at Deckhouse.

bride putting on her earrings
bride putting on bridesmaids necklace
wedding day excitement of bride and bridesmaid
spray of perfume
brides shoes and bouquet
Bride getting dress ready
bride getting help from Mum
Bride perfume
black and white portrait of bride
bride and bridesmaid admiring their reflection
bride admiring her dress
bridal portraits
Bride with her parents before the wedding
bride and bridesmaid ready for wedding
bride leaving home for wedding
Groom and his son getting dressed
son and father hug
Dad walking his son put on his tie
Groom and his best man son on wedding day
Nathan, the groom
Father and son
bride arriving at church
hug from mum before the wedding
walking up to church at Kings School Parramatta
About to walk in the church
Groom waiting for the bride
Walking down the aisle at Kings School Parramatta
Hug from Dad
Guests singing at wedding
Wedding ceremony kiss
Signing the register
Finally married inside church at Kings School Parramatta
married at Kings School Parramatta
celebrations of wedding
wedding celebrations
bridal party at Kings School Parramatta
Kings School Parramatta Wedding
love of bride and groom
Kings School Wedding
brides dress blowing in the breeze
Kings School wedding
kiss between bride and groom
engagement and wedding rings
bride and groom wedding photos
bride and groom embrace
whisper in her ear
bride smiles at groom
table decorations
floral table decorations
gorgeous wedding cake
bride and groom enter their wedding reception
Groom talking about his bride
emotional tears from bride
bride and groom walking through reception to their table
bride giving speech
reaction of bride to groom speech
Father daughter dance
bride and groom first dance
first dance of bride and groom
guest reception dancing
wedding reception dancing fun

Sarah's beautiful dress was by Allure Bridals and she wore some delightful shoes from Georgie's Bridal Shoes. Royal Wedding Cars gave the Bridal party a smooth ride. Sharon from Createcake make their delicious wedding cake. The Baker Boys Band provided the amazing entertainment for the reception.

If you've found the one, the love of your life, and you are now planning your wedding (and especially a Kings School Wedding) and want beautiful photography to remember this special day then it's time to talk to Sarah or myself. We take compelling, elegant and timeless stills. We capture the most valuable images in the world. Yours.

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