All love is bittersweet, for first we live it, then we remember it. It claims our hearts and fills our mind with impossible thoughts, and awakens memories that saw us soar when we found love. It is an evolution that allows us to continue, remembering, not forgetting. Feeling full. Feeling glad. Ever hopeful. Love found. Love renewed. Again and again and again.

Every now and then we get to do something different that makes us look at love and appreciate it all over again.

Every engagement session is brilliant because it’s this fabulous time where two incredibly happy people get to spend time together and I get to photograph the happiness, thoughtfulness and strength of the relationship.

So instead of two people, let’s throw four people into the mix. Rochelle is marrying James. James has two children. And the children and James love Rochelle. And she loves them.

What a thrill to show the happiness, thoughtfulness and strength of all of this – a sort of engagement and combined family session all in one.

Cameron and Amy brought out the kid in me, which was so much fun while we all took turns photographing James and Rochelle and doing an inordinate and healthy amount of laughing with each other.

They chose to go to the parkland in the Homebush precinct for their engagement session. And the weather really turned it on for us. The rain that had fallen cleared as we arrived, but the clouds stuck around to provide a canvas for the sunset.

Orange, yellow and red coloured clouds stood as a flag behind them.

“She is strong and she is fragile. She is the continuance of love and a lesson of surrender. She fills hearts, and makes life remarkable. She lives in dreams. Her fingers entwine on hands.”

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