It’s a privilege to be able to photograph any couple who have found each other, and in this Clifton Gardens Engagement Session we had a tilt at photographing the language of love. The gorgeousness of relationships is always worth photographing. So what are the best ways to tell the story of love knowing that love might have a single definition but is lived in as many billions of ways as there are people.

In the sessions that work so well it is to listen to the whisper that passes between two in love. To hear the murmurs of passion. To see the knowing glances. To observe delicate touches. To feel the ache that grows as you look into each others eyes. I need to show how you are with each other. You look, laugh, smile, lean on one another, hug and cuddle in very specific ways. On the face of it it’s similar. But in detail it’s different. You are a reflection of the comfort, joy and excitement that you find in the other. And in photographing that we see glimpses of fragility, moments of strength, the intimacy that comes from trust.

As the shoot continues we start to understand desire. It never tires. Nor does our desire to see it for it feeds us too and reassures us of love’s substance. Your relationship and its love can’t be easily explained. It can’t be easily rationalised. On some level love fills the figments of your imagination, which will be the projection of wanting so much good for each other.

It’s the visible aspects of hidden qualities that simmer to the surface to show us an adventurousness, excitement, peace, calm and comfort. It’s a flame and then a raging fire in two people empowered by so much more than themselves. It defies explanation but can be described in what we see…

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